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Bodyweight Exercise and Calisthenics Channels on YouTube

Updated: 3 days ago

When clients discuss options for strength training or movement and mobility exercises there often comes a point where we share online resources with them, or, they share their favourite trainers and programmes with us.

Bodyweight based workouts improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and can be modified for any fitness level. They engage multiple muscle groups, are low-cost, and can be done anywhere. Importantly, for us, they can also be part of mobility and movement training - how to be functionally fit.

Please note, these resources are shared for information purposes only. We advise that if you are considering changing your diet, exercise or lifestyle practices, discuss plans with your primary medical practitioner before making any changes. Always workout within your limits, consider using a personal trainer to get techniques right.

Below are some YouTube channels that many people enjoy. The field is dominated by men but there are channels that focus on women. The channels incorporate exercises and progressions, tips and inspiration - from beginner to advanced. This is not an exhaustive list by any means but, for many, a useful starting point.


Al Kavadlo


The Bioneer


Calisthenic Movement


Fitness FAQs


Jessica Valant Pilates


K boges


Lucy Lismore


If you are new or getting back into strength training: practise and experiment. See what you enjoy and soon enough you'll be making progress.

Stay Healthy,


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