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Dumplings and the Chinese New Year

Updated: Apr 6

dumplings Chinese Lunar New Year

There are many delights to be enjoyed over the Chinese New Year, dumplings are one of them! But why this tradition?

Eating dumplings at the new year is associated with wealth, as they have a similar shape to gold ingots. Sure enough a good reason to enjoy a plate of delicious dumplings.

However, the origins of the humble dumpling stem from the Eastern Han Dynasty, 206 BC to 220 AD. Thanks to Felicia’s background in Traditional Chinese Medicine she recounts the traditional tale of dumplings' inception:

“It is told that during a particularly hard winter, frostbite affected many villagers. Legendary doctor Zhang Zhongjing created small dough-wrapped, packets of lamb mixed with medicinal herbs to warm and nourish them. These were folded into ear shapes, boiled and consumed; treating and nourishing the villagers, and, creating a lasting culinary hit!”

Who would have thought that dumplings are the original health food?! Interestingly, outside of the medicinal use of herbs, adding herbs (and spices) to dishes eaten on a daily basis has been shown to mitigate the inflammatory effects of certain ingredients and cooking processes.


Even during Chinese New Year feasting, amidst the family gatherings and parties, it is possible to take some simple steps to stay healthy. As CNY comes to a close there are still traditions related to food, including the celebration of RenRi.

Finally, remember to keep self-care in mind, especially if you have been caught up in festivities since late November or December. Perhaps you had wanted to have a dry January and CNY got in the way, it's never too late to start. If you want to have a talk about healthier living, cutting back on the booze, losing weight or following the doctor's advice, we can help. Wishing All a Happy and Healthy New Year!

祝大家新年快乐, 身体健康! Alastair


Dumplings can be enjoyed at anytime, especially for those with a busy lifestyle or want to meet their nutritional goals.

dumplings health nutrition

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