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"How Not to Diet" Dr Michael Greger

Updated: Nov 2

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What? Focused on whole food and plant based this book outlines key tips and recommendations for weight loss, with every statement backed by one or more scientific papers. With an emphasis on providing nutrition and healthy eating practices rather than counting calories the book is hard to fault.

Who? Dr. Michael Greger is a leading figure in the plant based community and keeps a massive online database of health information available to all for free. Especially useful if you have question regarding chronic illness.

Why? Plant forward eating can lead to healthier and longer term weight loss than traditional caloric restriction dieting. This book covers everything including key concepts such as caloric density and research on the gut microbiome.

So… If you are dieting to lose weight, how are you going to eat when you achieve your weight goal?

Stay Healthy,

Felicia and Alastair

Look out for the publication on Kindle or hardcopy.


See Greger's interview with Rich Roll here:


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