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"I learned how important it is to create a journey for my day. From smalls breaks to simple exercises, I am more productive now. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about myself."

Douglas, San Francisco


Short or long-term, for individuals or teams, our coaching based programmes deliver results. Prior to starting any of our programmes we will schedule a discovery (get-to-know-you) call, to understand your goals and ensure that the programme is suitable for your needs.


The Kickstart Programme is specifically for those who want support to start changing their health, or, help to stay on track. It is for those who have a clear idea of what they want to achieve with their health and why.


You choose your area of focus and we partner with you to provide the support that you need. Common areas include:


  • Diet and Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Sleep

  • Stress

  • Work-Life Balance


Over 3 sessions we identify the key factors affecting your health and motivation. We partner with you to create a plan unique to your circumstances, provide the resources to kickstart your health and make progress in the right direction.


After a preparatory call with our team to understand your goals the Kickstart Programme includes:

  • 3 focused one-on-one sessions (video call)

  • Accountability and support between sessions

Price: S$488 (US$368)

Note: For maximum effect, combine a Whole Health Consult with the Kickstart Programme and offset the programme cost by the value of the consult ($S148 /US$ 118). 

Ready for the Run
Image by Edgar Castrejon


This programme provides a deep dive into your health, what it means to you and making lasting change. Over 8 to 12 sessions (3 to 5 months) we guide you through a proven process to create positive and lasting health outcomes. We will:

  • Work in partnership to identify obstacles to change and create strategies for moving forward toward your goals.

  • Provide accountability and support between sessions.

  • Provide additional resources to make healthy behaviour changes. 

  • After the initial discovery phase (3 to 4 sessions) the programme is action oriented. You will put your plans into effect and work towards achieving them.


Price: on request, from S$1,288 (US$968)


Note: For maximum effect, combine a Whole Health Consult with the Individual Programme and offset the programme cost by the value of the consult ($S148 /US$ 88). 


Group and team health programmes are suitable for: friends, colleagues, team mates and those united by common health interests or goals. Themes and programme duration are customisable to your needs. 

Programmes can be focused on the individual, conducted in group sessions or a combination of both. One-on-one sessions provide a confidential setting while group sessions provide the benefit of mutual learning, support and accountability. 


Corporate clients should consider the Essential Health Programme. A mid to long-term programme that addresses health at the company level. 


The Whole Health Consult is an effective alternative to traditional health screening services that focus on biomedical markers and ignore other key factors that affect health.

As all programmes are customised to the user, please contact us so that we can learn more about your requirements.

Team Talk

Our FAQ section provides insights into our programmes and how we can work together. 

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