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"Daniels' Running Formula" Jack Daniels PhD

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Daniel's Running Formula review

What? A runner's bible. Daniels' Running Formula is valuable reference work for training for all distances and experience levels. It includes a science based training formula for those who want to get technical and is suitable for all serious runners, using the formula or not.

Who? Jack Daniels, now in his 80s is a legendary running coach, on track, road and cross country. In 2005 Runner’s World magazine named Daniels “The World’s Best Coach”.

Why? The book provides multiple training regimens for all distances and experience levels. These relate to the 'formula' that provides insights into running, race performance. While many GPS watched now provide training plans and predict race times the book allows one to understand training programmes and progression in detail.

So... If you want to focus on mastering one particular distance or event, use the relevant training programme and the formula to get you to the peak of fitness. And then choose another and go for it!

Follow this 5 part video series for more insights...

Look out for the publication on Kindle or or hardcopy. Note that the print version will have easier to read charts than the e-version allows.

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