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"I have a new relationship with food and a new lease on life."

Eimar, Sydney


A consult is the first step to improving your health and performance. We spend time with you to understand your health concerns, identify the key issues involved and address them.

To learn more or to book a consult please contact us. Our FAQ section might also be useful. 


Holistic Health Screening

Have you struggled with your health? Do you want to understand and address the root causes of long-standing chronic issues, to take action to improve your future health and well-being? The Whole Health Consult is a vital step towards identifying, prioritising and achieving your health goals. 


The consult provides a valuable exploration and assessment of the factors that affect your health and well-being. For some, the consult allows them to put existing health issues into perspective. For others, the consult uncovers the interplay of factors that - known or unknown to them - affect their health. 

After a preparatory call with our team, you will:


  • Complete a comprehensive online health assessment. Key areas covered include: diet & nutrition, movement & exercise, sleep, work-life balance, mental and social well-being.


  • Engage with our team for a one-on-one consult (video call). We spend time with you to identify and prioritise the key factors that affect your health. You have the opportunity to ask questions, review and discuss results.


  • Receive personalised and practical recommendations to improve your health.


Price: S$128 (US$98)

Note: Clients who book a Whole Health Consult can offset the cost against any Kickstart or Individual Programme booking made for themselves within 2 months of the consult taking place. 

Image by Edgar Castrejon


A Focus on Diet, Nutrition and Eating Practices

The Nutrition Consult is for those who need dietary advice or to receive nutritional guidance to address common dietary related health problems.


Common issues and topics addressed include: cardiovascular health, diabetes, eating patterns, fatigue, gastro-intestinal health, gut microbiome, hypertension, inflammation, weight management and understanding the lifestyle factors that affect your dietary and nutritional health. 


After a preparatory call with our nutritionist to understand and identify your goals the consult includes:

  • Comprehensive online diet assessment 

  • Food Diary and analysis

  • Results review session and discussion with nutritionist

  • Personalised recommendations


Price: S$208 (US$160)

Optional Services:

  • Follow-up consult, 30 minutes, to assess progress and provide additional support. S$88 (US$68) 

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