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"I have a new relationship with food and a new lease on life."

Eimar, Sydney


A consult is the first step to improving your health and performance. Your health is unique. We spend time with you to understand your health concerns, identify the key issues involved and address them.


Our foundational consult for personalised & whole person health

Health is complex, and achieving wellbeing can be challenging for many individuals. Multiple lifestyle factors are related to poor health and chronic illness, including work-life balance, weight gain, failing to exercise, poor sleep and stress. The social and physical environment have a role to play. As does how we perceive ourselves and our own sense of self-connection and fulfilment.

We created the Whole Health Consult to assess identify and prioritise these factors. To allow you to understand your health holistically and receive recommendations – personal to you – on where to focus and how to take action.

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A Focus on Diet, Nutrition and Eating Practices

Do you need dietary advice or guidance on your eating practices? Common issues and topics addressed include:


  • Cardiovascular health

  • Diabetes

  • Eating patterns

  • Fatigue

  • Gastro-intestinal health

  • Gut microbiome

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)

  • Inflammation

  • Weight management


The nutrition consult provides a holistic assessment and review of your diet, as what we eat is also affected by how we eat and the lifestyle that we live.


For clients who want guidance from a traditional Chinese nutritional perspective, we are able to accommodate your needs. 

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