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Longevity, Healthspan and Lifestyle Practices

Ready Set Go

Longevity, healthspan and the practice of lifestyle as medicine has become of increasing interest to the global and Singaporean public.

Whether your interest is biohacking or to know your longevity status, Singapore now boasts of several clinics where testing on advanced biomarkers and other health parameters (say VO2max) can be conducted. 

Valuable and costly testing aside, lifestyle is the foundation of health and longevity. At The Whole Health Practice we support our clients to understand how lifestyle affects longevity, to make targeted and sustainable changes in their lifestyle to improve their health.

Key Areas that our Programmes Address

Nutrition Coaching Singapore

Our consults and programmes, support the adoption and implementation of practices that many people struggle with by themselves. The strength of our process lies in being able to address the root causes of health to improve immediate and long-term health outcomes.


For example:

  • the uptake of healthy diets and eating practices

  • regular physical activity

  • improved weight management

  • risk avoidance (alcohol, smoking)

  • medication adherence

  • sleep improvement

  • stress reduction

  • work-life balance

  • mental and emotional health, self-confidence

  • social connection

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Our Process

The starting point is our foundational assessment and consult, the Whole Health Consult.


Our programmes typically involve up to 3 sessions over a fortnight, or 8 to 12 sessions over 3 to 4 months. Some clients may engage with us on an ad hoc basis. 

Integrative Health

We can work alongside and recommend longevity testing clinics and doctors as part of an integrative system, or we can work independently.


We do not replace a primary health practitioner, doctor or therapist. We do, however, serve as a bridge between medical recommendations and the creation or management of healthy lifestyle behaviours.

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Take Control of your Health and Longevity

Our focus is on creating healthy habits that last a lifetime. Habits that become lifestyle, to allow the client to live life to the fullest with health and longevity.


For us this does not have to mean mean long-term restriction or avoidance of the things that we love, living in constant denial. It means regaining health and finding balance to live life to the fullest.

Start your journey to healthier living with our foundational assessment and  consult...

For our health programmes...

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