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Felicia Koh

Felicia (MA Human Nutrition) works to improve clients' health by providing nutritional advice incorporating Western biomedical practices and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
Felicia is an accredited nutritionist with the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association and a Duke-trained Integrative Health Coach.
The daughter of a practising traditional Chinese doctor, healthcare and nutrition played an integral role in Felicia's early years. After a career consulting for major brand agencies Felicia decided to switch to healthcare, to train in Traditional Chinese Medicine and earn a Masters of Human Nutrition from Deakin University. 

Felicia also works in and consults on corporate and personal healthcare projects including, from where it all began, working in a clinical environment in the family medical practice. 


"While the languages are distinct, increasing evidence unites Western nutritional science with the Chinese medical tradition. The two schools are united by more than what separates them; it is a matter of understanding them both - their inherent strengths and weaknesses." 

As part of her whole health lifestyle Felicia enjoys: taiji, gardening and forest bathing. 

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