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Milo versus Coca Cola. Singapore's Favourite Beverages and Caloric Confusion.

Updated: Apr 16

Milo Coca Cola calories Singapore

Milo has a special place in Singapore's taste buds and health, even in Singapore's heritage if you believe the marketing. It has that old school taste of home, much beloved by many. When it comes to calories, how might it compare to favourite flavoured sugar water, Coca Cola?

Let's see how two of Singapore's favourite beverages stack up against each other and how this can lead to caloric confusion.


Original Milo, 1 can (240ml)

  • Calories 149kcal

  • Total Sugar 16.6g

Per 100ml: Calories 62kcal, Total Sugars 6.9g

Coca Cola, Original Taste, 1 can (320ml)

  • Calories 61kcal

  • Total Sugar 14.7g

Per 100ml: Calories 19kcal, Total Sugars 4.6g

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Wait, a smaller can of Milo has over three times the calories than a larger can of big, bad Coca Cola?! Milo doesn't sell itself as being a health drink but rather "Nourishing Energy" it is labelled as a 'Healthier Choice'. No wonder that many of the patients that I see at the clinic are confused when it comes to making healthier choices when shopping.

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