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"Wet Market to Table" Pamelia Chia

Updated: Apr 8

book review Wet Market Table Pamelia Chia

What? This gem of a Singapore cookbook provides recipes and inspiration for a wealth of wet market produce. ‘Uncommon’ ingredients that are under our noses all the time and part of the traditional, local cuisine. Some of our favourite dishes include mouth watering "Fragrant stir-fried clams with laksa leaves", "Jackfruit compote with oats", "Dry red curry of pork".

Who? Cook, author and Australian based Singaporean foodie Pamelia Chia.

Why? The recipes focus on produce that the reader might not normally buy, traditional food items that are only found in the market rather than the supermarket. Interestingly much of the produce is not exclusive to Asia even though the recipes and flavour profiles are. Many of the ingredients can be found around the world and the recipes are presented in a way that anyone, anywhere can try them out. Pamelia introduces individual market vendors and touches on what it means to shop local and getting to know your stall holders. The element of community and social health is very important and for many a disappearing part of their culture and our social fabric.

So… Whether you live in Singapore, Sydney or Santa Monica… go to your local farmers' market, strike a conversation with a stall holder. Get to know them and take home a new food item that you have never tried before.

Look out for the publication direct from the publisher Epigram Books or on Amazon

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  • Watch out for Pamelia's latest Asian plant based recipe book, Plantasia.


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