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Book Review "Proteinaholic, How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It" Garth Davis MD with Howard Jacobsen PhD

Updated: 6 days ago

Book review Proteinaholic Garth Davis Singapore

What? In Proteinaholic Dr. Davis describes how we (in this specific case, the US) are eating too much animal protein and the health consequences of doing so.

Who? Renowned weight loss and bariatric surgeon Dr. Garth Davis. Once a committed meat eater, his health deteriorated until he conducted his own research and turned around his diet and lifestyle. Including succeeding as a 100% plant based triathlete.

Why? Dr. Davis provides arguments, and recommendation as to how, for changing one's diet, from meat to plant based. For long-term improvement in personal and planetary health.

So... If you are interested in moving the needle towards being plant based, Proteinaholic serves as an accessible and informative guide to support your journey towards improved health and vitality.


See Dr. Davis in presentation mode here...


Look out for Proteinaholic on Amazon.

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  • Diet and nutrition is just one of the pillars of health. What else can you focus on to maximise your health and longevity?

garth davis proteinaholic book review

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