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Dumpling Recipes and Inspiration

Updated: Apr 15

dumpling recipes

We previously posted about the versatility of dumplings, especially suited to busy people who want a quick to prepare, delicious and nutritious meal. Meat filled or vegetarian, in soup or fried... there are plenty of choices for the dumpling fan.

Below are a selection of YouTube recipes that celebrate dumplings. Some demonstrate making dumplings (including the dough for the skins - wrappers), other recipes simply use frozen dumplings. At home we nearly always use frozen dumplings. Most often bought from the store or, preferably, from a specialist dumpling stall in our local market. Occasionally we enjoy making dumplings at home, using store bought dumpling skins. Making dumpling skins is relatively easy but time consuming, store bought skins are a godsend.

Enjoy the small selection of recipes below, including making dumplings from scratch to using frozen dumplings as part of a dish.



We enjoy dumplings on a weekly basis, most often as part of a vegetable filled soup. If we are working or exercising late, it is nice to know that the freezer always has a bag ready to be used.

Making dumplings is really rewarding. Having control over the quality of the ingredients, we like the popular pork and chive or, dill, and we also to spend a fun morning in the market and the kitchen.

If you have a recipe or link to share, please let us know in the Comments section at bottom of page.

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  • Dumplings have a wonderful, Chinese New Year related origin story... learn more here.


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