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"Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition" T. Colin Campbell PhD with Howard Jacobsen PhD

Updated: Apr 16

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What? Nutrition is complex and, more often than not, reduced to a granular view of individual nutrients that provide specific health benefits. But this is not how the food that we eat works and the food ecosystem (from science to table) is open to misinterpretation and manipulation. "Whole" reviews the nutrition, science and politics behind the food that we eat.

Who? Best known for his work on The China Study, T. Colin Campbell PhD is an eminent, published nutrition scientist and leader in plant forward living.

Why? Too often we are pushed towards a reductionist world view of nutrition by scientists, media, marketing and politics. With clear and detailed explanations, Campbell provides an alternate view on how we should eat and why.

Learn more here, T. Colin Campbell on TedX:

So… How often have you been nudged toward supplements, superfoods or the latest diet? Campbell brings us all back to simple truths and realities in nutrition and in health.

Look out for the publication on Kindle. (or via Amazon or your favourite book retailer)

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  • In this instance whole refers to diet and nutrition. At The Whole Health Practice we believe in, as the name states, whole person health - that includes physical, mental and social well-being. This starts with self-care - ultimately you have to take charge of your health.

whole campbell book review

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Your health, physical – mental – social - is complex and affected by multiple factors within and outside of your control. Our consults and programmes address the whole person, the root causes of ill health and maximising your health, performance & vitality.

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