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Chermoula, a Recipe for Herbs for Health

Updated: Apr 16

chermoula herbs recipe

Chermoula - a Moroccan delight that enlivens your palate with a burst of flavours. This vibrant sauce is a blend of fresh parsley and coriander, zesty lemon, aromatic garlic, and an array of warming spices like ground coriander, paprika and ginger.

Popular all over North Africa, chermoula is a versatile condiment that elevates a variety of dishes. Its bold and tangy profile makes it an ideal marinade for succulent meats, a zesty dressing for salads, or a delightful accompaniment to grilled vegetables.

For a basic chermoula use this recipe... Just remember, there are no strict rules of what is right and wrong, if you can't quite get all the ingredients just roll with it. Find substitutes, taste as you go along, even look for alternate recipes.

And here are some variations to enjoy...

As part of a nutritionally rich, whole health lifestyle, at The Whole Health Practice we advocate enjoying herbs (and spices) as a regular part of one’s diet. While some herbs (and their polyphenols) have shown positive results for specific health outcomes, enjoy a variety of herbs that work in synergy to promote maximum health. And taste! That's one reason why the Mediterranean diet is so effective at promoting long-term health.

Allow the enchanting chermoula to transport you to the bustling markets of Morocco and North Africa, wherever you might be.

Stay Herby,


Ps. I found a playlist that caught a certain Moroccan music vibe... scroll down to access the playlist.

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