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Book Review "Exercised: Why Something We Never Evolved to Do is Healthy and Rewarding" Dan Lieberman

Updated: Apr 19

review Exercised Dan Lieberman

What? Why don’t we like exercise? Because we were never meant to do it. We live in a world where are evolution is at odds with our environment. Lieberman debunks common exercise myths and offers solutions to get us moving.

Who? Dan Lieberman is a Harvard paleoanthropologist, famed barefoot runner and expert in evolution, foot mechanics and physical activity.

Why? Understanding what is holding you back from exercise can be as important as knowing what to do and why it is important to do it. This book frames exercise and physical activity in evolutionary terms, it stands apart from other books on exercise and health.

So… How can you turn ‘exercise’ into ‘lifestyle’? How can you make movement part of your life?

Look out for the publication on Kindle.

Stay Healthy,

Felicia and Alastair

  • Exercise is just one of the pillars of health. What else can you focus on to maximise your health and longevity?

book review Lieberman Exercised

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