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"Fast After 50, How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life" Joe Friel

Updated: Sep 14

fast after 50 joe friel review
  • What? Aimed at the 'master' recreational or competitive runner, cyclist and swimmer Fast After 50 reviews training techniques and strategies to keep going strong, and fast.

  • Who? An elite triathlon trainer, founder and past Chairman of the USA Triathlon National Coaching Commission, Joe Friel is also as the founder of the TrainingPeaks training programme.

  • Why? The book provides clear advice and suggestions for maintaining and even improving physical performance as one gets older. A key line of thought: you have to train hard and recover well. We felt that some elements of the nutrition advice has dated and might not reflect the best options for long-term health

  • So... You want to keep training hard and keep your fitness level high? Don't get stuck in a comfortable rut, mix it up (safely) and be rewarded... in your 40s, 50s and beyond'

Hear Joe himself outlining his key training recommendations:

Look out for the publication on Kindle or hardcopy.

Stay Healthy


  • Running, cycling and swimming (cardiovascular exercise) address one of the pillars of health. What else can you focus on to maximise your health and longevity?


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Your health, physical – mental – social - is complex and affected by multiple factors within and outside of your control. Our consults and programmes address the whole person, the root causes of ill health and maximising your health performance & vitality.

  • Take the first step. Book a Whole Health Consult to assess, identify and prioritise key factors (known and unknown) that affect your health. And receive personalised recommendations on how to address them.

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