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"Functional Training and Beyond" Adam Sinicki

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Adam Sinicki review Functional Training

What? Sinicki presents a compelling argument to train the body and mind. To create strength, movement and neuroplasticity. His natural (he often trains outdoors) philosophy and techniques present challenges that will push you to greater all round health than the usual weights routines.

Who? Sinicki is better known as YouTube’s Bioneer. His popular channel focuses on physical and mental development using an entertaining mix of science, education and workouts.

Why? Strength training is essential. But we don't just need strength, we need the ability to use it effectively combined with movement - to have a functional healthy body and a mind to match. He provides insights and options on what exercise regimens might serve you best.

So… To combine a strength with mobility, try a Hindu Push Up.

Look out for the publication on Kindle, Book Depository or your local book store.

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