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Introducing Shona Hendricks. Health Insights for our Community in Singapore and Beyond.

Updated: Apr 17

Shona Hendricks Singapore

With the internet providing access to so many health experts and talking heads, we often get asked ‘who can be trusted, to watch or follow online, even to enjoy?’ The answer is not always obvious, as those in the media spotlight have their own area of expertise, biases, even their own unique style of presentation.

Whether you are part of our Singapore or global community, in this series of posts we present some of the key online health leaders whose media channels we enjoy.

Meet Shona Hendricks; sport scientist, ultrarunner and Menopausal Runner.

A small disclaimer, we do not necessarily endorse or agree everything that our featured personalities nor their guests might say, but we do enjoy the general direction that they take. The science in hormonal health is evolving. Please talk to your doctor, or medical practitioner most familiar with your medical history, before implementing any changes in diet, exercise or lifestyle, especially if you are under treatment.

Want to build up your strength and fitness, or already working on it? Prioritising your own self-care is the vital first step to improving your health and long-term wellbeing. Wherever you are in your journey to health, at The Whole Health Practice we work with you, to turn knowledge and intent into targeted and effective action.

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Shona Hendricks / The Menopausal Runner

Shona presently serves as the Head of Sport Science at the Sport Exercise Medicine and Lifestyle Institute (SEMLI) at the University of Pretoria.

Beginning her career at the Institute for Sports Research at the High Performance Centre during her honours degree in Sport Science in 2007, Shona played a crucial role as the lead strength and conditioning specialist for the SAFA Girls/Basetsana U20/U17 National Ladies Football Academy. Following the completion of her MBA in Sport Management at the Universidad Europea de Madrid (Real Madrid FC) in 2013, she returned to South Africa.

Additionally, Shona is actively engaged in endurance sport conditioning, particularly in running and triathlon. She has collaboratedwith elite ultra-endurance athletes like Caroline Wostmann, the 2015 Comrades Marathon and 2 Oceans Ultramarathon winner. Shona also contributes her expertise to Coach Parry online training as their Head of Athlete Success; and strength and conditioning specialist.

Shona has competed in 4 Half IronMan distance events and four 2 Oceans Ultramarathons herself and assisted numerous recreational endurance athletes in achieving their goals like Comrades and IronMan.

While Shona has valuable knowledge and experience to share with male and female runners alike, see Shona discuss training around the menstrual cycle here...

Click on images below to see Shona as part of the Coach Parry running channel and her new YouTube channel, focused on women's running and health issues . As this is still very new it will be interesting to watch it develop.

Shona Hendricks Singapore Coach Parry

Shona Hendricks Singapore
Shona Hendricks Singapore

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