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"Plant-Based Sports Nutrition" D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Matt Ruscigno

Updated: Apr 20

review Plant Based Sports Nutrition

What? Not just for plant based athletes, the book is written for athletes who want to plan and succeed at plant-based eating for sports and for life. This reference book covers all key areas of sports nutrition: daily macros, hydration, micronutrients, exercise related health issues etc. Readable by those with a scientific background and the layperson, the book provides advice on tailoring diet to one's activity levels and needs.

Who? Professor Larson-Meyer is a published nutrition scientist and actively works in sports nutrition. Ruscigno is a well known plant-based eating advocate, author and ultra-athlete.

Why? Healthy eating for athletes equates to healthy eating for life. While the book is plant-based, this does not have to mean meat free. The plant-based perspective provides useful insights for any athlete looking to maximise their performance.

So... Be you 100% plant-based or a flexitarian, this easy to read reference book can support your journey to increased health and vitality, on and off the playing field, gym or track.


Look out for the publication on Amazon.

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