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Rotational Exercises and Wood Choppers

Updated: Apr 2

exercise wood choppers

Most exercise regimes focus on push, pull and squat movements. And with good reason, this covers the foundational basics! Of course, there are many other exercises that could be added to any routine; a rotational or twisting movement is a perfect complement to the basic three.

Rotational strength exercises are crucial for overall physical fitness. They target muscles involved in twisting movements, such as the core, obliques, and lower back. By strengthening these muscles, rotational exercises improve core stability and enhance functional movement patterns, which are essential for daily activities and sports performance.

Whether you have access to a gym or not, wood choppers (with a resistance band) and variations deliver results. Below are some simple videos that cover the basics. If you wan to learn more about a proven strength workout that saves time and covers the basics, read on here.

As always, we advise that if you are considering changing your diet, exercise or lifestyle practices, please discuss plans with your primary medical practitioner before making any changes and always workout within your limits. Consider using a personal trainer to get techniques right.



Incorporating rotational exercises into a workout routine can lead to better balance, coordination, and agility, contributing to overall physical resilience and well-being. Just be sure to never push your body beyond its capability, exercise caution and practice good technique before moving up to the next level. Especially if you are in your 40s, 50s or beyond when injuries have more serious consequences.

Support your exercise regimen with good eating practices, sufficient quality sleep and making sure that you have fun (and a plan) while doing it. These are the pillars of health.

Self-care is not selfish!



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