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The Classic Mojito, Cocktail or Mocktail

Updated: Mar 21

mojito recipe cocktail mocktail

The subject of a dry (booze free) month came up and how can we enjoy an alcohol free cocktail, that is, mocktail. As we have recently been focused on herbs for health, we couldn’t resist the amazing combination of fresh mint and lime juice - a mojito - to tease our tastebuds.

The best mint to use is mojito mint, or you can use happily use spearmint if the former is not available. Peppermint can be used but some consider it too 'spicy' due to its higher menthol content.

The mojito is associated with Cuban origins but some stories credit Elizabethan privateer Sir Francis Drake with its inception.

The Recipe

For 1 tall glass of mojito you will need 1 lime (halved), a dozen or so mint leaves, 2 teaspoons of fine sugar (white or brown, or a simple syrup or sweetener of your choice) and soda water.

Start with the Mint Leaves and Sugar

  • Put the mint leaves in the bottom of a tall glass. Add a splash of soda and the sugar.


  • Use the back or handle of a spoon to muddle (smash) the mint and sugar together. This helps to dissolve the sugar and infuse the flavours.

Squeeze in the Lime

  • Squeeze the juice from the lime halves into the mix.

Add the Ice

  • Don't overfill the glass with ice, especially if you are making a virgin mojito.

Optional (or Essential) a Pour of Rum

  • Pour the rum over the ice and mint mixture. White rum is traditionally used in mojitos but we prefer the richness that a light rum brings.

Top with Soda

  • Top off the glass with soda. Leave space at the top for stirring.


  • Gently stir the ingredients together to mix the flavours. For added style, add a mint sprig as a garnish.


Ok, there are dozens of YouTube recipes for mojitos, from simple to advanced. For the sake of simplicity the UK's Jamie Oliver has an effective version...


If you want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, or not, the mojito is always a refreshing choice. If you want to have a talk about healthier living, cutting back on the booze, losing weight or following the doctor's advice, we can help. Just drop us a line to see how our consults and programmes can help.



  • It's always best to avoid a hangover, but sometimes it happens. What does the science say about recovery? Read on.

  • Next step, scroll down to enjoy a playlist to help you muddle your mojito!


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