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When 1 Plus 1 Equals 3. Daily Health Choices Make A Difference

Updated: Apr 15

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When it comes to health, just making one right decision, achieving one small success, can have a profound effect. The impact of our decisions, even seemingly small ones, can accelerate us towards success. This article delves into three key dynamics through which choice can catalyse change, shaping the course of our health and wellbeing.

What one area would you focus on to improve your health? How might it affect other aspects of your health?

1. The Tipping Point

Every decision we make, whether it is related to diet, exercise, sleep, stress management or our social interactions, has the potential to nudge us closer to a tipping point. This tipping point can either represent a shift towards greater health or to deterioration.

Tipping points are usually highly personal. Sometimes we are aware of them, sometimes not. Some people know that they can get away with a few days of unhealthy living before crossing a tipping point. Maybe there are one or two warning signs that allow us to pull back from the edge. In contrast, others find that once they get a couple of days of, say, rest and healthy food, they flip into much better health - with increased vitality.

2. The Cascade Effect

Our lives are intricately connected systems. Making positive choices in one area, even taking seemingly small actions, often spill over into others and create a cascade of benefits. For instance, committing to a regular exercise routine not only improves physical fitness but also boosts mood, mental clarity and better sleep. This newfound energy might inspire better dietary choices, leading to weight loss and increased self-esteem.

3. The Combination Lock

Unlike tipping points or the cascade effect, for some their health acts as like combination lock, with each dial representing a different aspect of wellbeing. Just as the right sequence of numbers aligns to unlock the lock, it can take the right combination of choices across all areas of health to unlock lasting wellbeing.

People are often surprised at how improving one area of their health can quickly and positively affect other areas of health.

The path to optimal health and wellbeing is navigated through a series of personal choices. What is important is to take targeted and effective action, this is where I enjoy working with our clients. By understanding the intricacies of how these elements interact, in alignment with one's vision and values, we can make intentional decisions that propel us towards health and a vibrant life.

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