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2023's Health Word of the Year, Longevity

Updated: Apr 16

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As we approach the end of 2023, without doubt the word of the year in health is...


Longevity refers to the extended duration of life. However, its significance extends beyond chronological age and, by rights, should embrace the concept of "health span". Health span embodies the idea of living not just longer but better, maintaining optimal health and wellbeing throughout the entire lifespan. Rather than having health compromised through chronic illness or physical frailty in one's final decade.


Why has longevity become such a popular word? Without doubt, the recent release of well publicised health content such as Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones documentary on Netflix and books from popular health professionals such as Dr. Peter Attia's Outlive, plant-based stalwart Dr. Michael Greger's How Not To Age. and longevity protocols's from biohacker Bryan Johnson.


As our understanding of health advances, so does the pursuit of strategies that promote longevity and health span. From scientific breakthroughs to lifestyle choices, individuals are increasingly seeking ways to enhance both the quantity and quality of their years, the focus shifting from surviving to thriving. Ideally this emphasises preventative measures through healthy habits and holistic approaches to wellbeing, rather than (ever popular?) short-term hacks that might not create lasting change.

What gives your health meaning and value?

This year we saw and explored the publication, and debate, of some useful studies relating to the role of diet and genetics on longevity. We even took a look at HIIT training protocols to improve Vo2max, a measure of health also related to longevity. And of course, an exploration of the Blue Zones, with an emphasis on Singapore - a Blue Zone version 2. Yet what is all this research, all these strategies and tactics, for health really about?

Knowledge is power but ultimately health is about taking personal action, self-care. This requires a whole person approach encompassing not only physical health but mental and social health as well.


Stay Healthy,




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