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Breath Work and Meditation to Beat Stress. Techniques for Instant Relief.

Updated: Apr 26

breath work meditation stress

Stress, distress, can build up quickly. However, there are techniques that can be used on the spot or on a daily basis to lower stress levels. Breath work and short meditations are powerful tools that we can use and provide immediate and instant relief when in stressful environments and situations.

If you are working working at events, heading into meetings or on the battlefield of life; the following techniques have been of value to us, our clients and community.


One of the most easiest techniques to instantly reduce stress is cyclic sighing. This double inhale technique is powerful and fast acting...

cyclic sighing

Another fast acting technique is box breathing, often taught to and practised by military special forces and emergency services...

box square breathing

For those with a little more time on their hands, a 5 minute meditation can also be valuable...

mindful meditation breathing

Not only for immediate relief, when practised on a regularly these techniques deliver even more powerful results to lower daily stress levels and responses. Find one that you can do comfortably, practise - it might take a few tries to get into it - and reap the benefits.

Stay Healthy,


stress breath work meditation

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