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Parkrun Singapore, Health and Community for Residents and Visitors

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Parkrun Sinagpore

If you are in Singapore, resident or on a visit, a 5km (3 mile) Parkrun is a great way to enjoy a run. To meet the local running community as well as those visitors to Singapore who love to Parkrun.

Singapore has 3 Parkruns: West Coast, Bishan (central) and East Coast. Every Saturday morning, flag-off at 7.30am. No matter where you live, you're just a short ride from a Parkrun. Be sure to register online and secure your barcode before arrival. If you are a visitor to Singapore you will likely need a taxi to get to a Parkrun. Whilst there is no downtown Parkrun, any of the 3 locations are no more than a 15 minute taxi ride early on a Saturday morning and you'll be made to feel welcome when you arrive.

As always, we advise that if you are considering changing your diet, exercise or lifestyle practices, please discuss plans with your primary medical practitioner before making any changes.


West Coast Parkrun

Sharing my first Parkrun experience, at my local Parkrun...

West Coast Parkrun Singapore

Bishan Parkrun

My second Parkrun, exploring Singapore and getting further into Parkrun running and culture...

Bishan Parkrun Singapore

East Coast Parkrun

Akan datang, wait and see....


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Whether you live in Singapore or are visiting, enjoy the opportunity to run while you are here! It's a great way to see the city in a new light, even to make new friends.

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