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Running in Singapore. Tips for Expats and Visitors.

Updated: Apr 15

running Singapore expat expats visitors

If you are new to Singapore, visiting for business, pleasure or a recently arrived expat, then welcome. Singapore has a great deal of running to be enjoyed. A tropical climate, extensive paved pathways and Park Connectors provide ample opportunity for health, from the downtown waterfront to its parks and forested centre.


Heat and Humidity

There's no avoiding the heat and humidity. Daytime/night-time temperatures average 32c (90f) and 32c (77f). The weather forecast is typically "Warm and sunny with clouds. A chance of rain or thunder in the afternoon." November to March is rainy season, just a higher chance of rain on a daily basis.

It usually gets light around 7.0am and dark by 7.0pm. Beware of the strong, equatorial sun. Suggest avoid running between 9.30am and 5.30pm.

Rain, Thunder and Lightning. When it rains it can really pour. Lightning is very common. Follow the locals and take shelter.

Heart Rate

Running in the heat puts extra strain on your body, you might find that your heart rate increases by 10 to 20 beats per minute. Just relax and enjoy a slower, tropical run.


Lightweight, easy to wash and quick to dry fibres are best. Avoid cotton t-shirts.


If you run, you will sweat. Sweat rates (that are highly personal) can go to over 2 litres per hour. Prioritising hydration for any run longer than an hour is worthwhile. If you are running downtown there are plenty of convenience stores where you can get a drink.

Running Singapore
The Marina Bay / Kallang Basin is very popular with after work runners.

Running Routes

Most of our suggestions involve downtown running in the Marina Bay district as that has the highest concentration of hotels and many of the iconic buildings. We have offered a couple extra options if you have the time and inclination to explore further.

  • Central Business District and Marina Bay. Enjoy the magnificent skyline of the Marina Bay waterfront, dominated by the MBS Horel and Casino. You'll find yourself running with thousands of after office runners amidst the lights of the city.

  • Run a little further to the Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Barrage leading to the Kallang Riverside Park or East Coast Park.

  • For F1 fans you can run on the F1 track, in the shadow of the Singapore Flyer (ferris wheel) and pass by the Pit Building.

  • If you are in Orchard Road, Dhoby Ghaut or City Hall areas check out Fort Canning Park with its small hill and, of course, the Marina Bay is not far.

  • Are you staying further West on Orchard or Scotts Road? Then you are not far from the beautiful UNESCO Botanic Gardens or the verdant Dempsey Hill district.

  • Get out of the city centre, just a 15 minute drive away and enjoy central MacRitchie Reservoir Park, a jungle-forest trail experience. There are WCs, lockers and shower, take dry clothes for your trip back.

  • The extensive East Coast Park is very popular, and accessible from the Central Business District for a longer run. Public rest rooms are available at key locations.


Singapore is safe, very safe, even at night. Most of the running that you will do will be in well lit central, city areas surrounded by hundreds people.


You will receive extra running points if you see our resident cheeky river otters, to be found along the downtown canals (Robertson and Clarke Quay area) and the Marina Bay the downtown waterfront area.

Additional points for seeing: monitor lizards (often large but not dangerous), magnificent hornbills, kites and sea eagles. Runners in forested areas may encounter wild boar and the occasional snake.

Early morning runners are guaranteed to encounter our abundant, resident mamils.

Organised Runs, Marathons and Triathlons

Singapore has an active race scene for amateurs and professionals, from weekend family fun runs and ultras. With many more players than we can list here.

Local Running Resources

There is plenty of specialist information to be found online. These websites might be of some value:


We hope that you enjoy running in Singapore if you get the chance. At The Whole Health Practice we enjoy running, walking, rucking and exploring all kinds of exercise so that we can live our best lives. Plus of course managing a healthy diet, sleep, keeping on top of stress and work-life balance. No matter where you are from, we can help you live your best life, in health.

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