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Peter Attia's Secret Longevity Health Hack

Updated: Mar 25

Longevity hack Singapore

Did anyone else catch Peter Attia’s secret longevity hack in his book “Outlive”? A single statement saying...

I try to eat 50 grams of fiber per day.

Let's not brush this aside, that's a whopping 50g! 3x the amount that most Singaporeans, Americans or Europeans consume on a daily basis, and almost double what many health authorities recommend as a daily intake. And yet throughout the entire book, Attia says little more on the subject of dietary fiber than that. 'Don't squeeze the juice from an orange', words to that effect.

Just how much of an effect does fiber have on health outcomes and longevity? According to a 2015 meta-analysis studying the health and mortality of almost 1 million people, the researchers found...

a statistically significant inverse association between fiber intake and all-cause mortality… There was a 10% reduction in risk for per each 10-g/day increase in fiber intake

That's a number that cannot be ignored. Eat your fibre, improve your VO2 max and you are well on the way to immortality. So, at an Olympian and longevitudinous 50g per day, how come Attia has no time or space to share the science of fiber with his readers without further explanation? What are we missing, or did he miss? Is eating fibre too boring, too hard a story - or dietary practice - to sell?


When it comes to the plate, what constitutes 10g of fibre? A large bowl of rolled oats. In Singapore, for organic rolled oats, this costs less than S$1.0 and provides a whole load of micronutrients in addition to the fiber. Add in some 'live' yogurt, fruit and nuts, and a daily muesli habit will put you well ahead of the health and longevity curve.

Alternatively, have a portion (or two) of chickpeas or other beans and legumes. A salad, soup, stew, a wrap; or try a lentil curry. Traditional - ethnic - foods and eating practices, widely available in modern and urbanised Singapore (despite our penchant for processed foods) can provide a host of health benefits.

As ever, please talk to your doctor or medical practitioner most familiar with your medical history before implementing any changes in diet, exercise or lifestyle, especially if you are under treatment. Links to supporting studies or resources are found at the end of page.


So before you reach towards that longevity supplement, green blend powder or pill, reach towards a bowl of whole foods. It's arguably the most effective 'longevity hack' out there.


Stay Healthy,




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