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Resistance Bands for Strength Training

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Many of us at one time or another have bought fitness equipment, some of which is more useful than others. I believe that there is a strong case for resistance bands to be the primary go-to item for home fitness equipment, more so than weights or rings.

What? Resistance bands, at their simplest, are elastic bands used for strength training. They may come with handles or attachments for being anchored under doors etc.


  • Bands come in different levels of resistance, from light to heavy, thus providing different ‘weights’ to work out with.

  • Resistance bands are lightweight, easily stored or packed for travelling.

  • The bands can be carried and used anywhere, not just at home but at the local park or anywhere.

  • They are relatively cheap compared to metal weights.

  • There are dozens of useful exercises to be done with a simple band, either compound movements or to target specific muscles.

  • For beginners they are easier to use than TRX style straps or Olympic rings. These items are great but not necessarily to start with.

  • Unlike exercise bikes or weight racks you can't hang clothes or towels from resistance bands.


Why not weights, rings or TRX? Weights can often become a home decoration if the purchaser does not follow through and use them. In that regards bands are a cheap option while the habit of exercise is being built. TRX straps or Olympic rings have many benefits but, for the beginner, can be too hard to use during early days when basic strength is still being built.

Adam Sinicki whose book "Functional Training & Beyond" we have recommended explains the benefits of resistance bands – and other workouts - in more detail.

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