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"The Blue Zones - 9 Lessons for Living Longer" Dan Buettner

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

blue zones dan buettner review
  • What? A classic study into longevity. Based on the five longest living, centenarian populations around the world - the so called "Blue Zones". Exploring their common lifestyle factors. Not only the role of diet and physical activity but importantly social connection, purpose and the physical environment.

  • Who? National Geographic fellow, journalist and author Dan Buettner made his name from this study and the book.

  • Why? We like this book because it is focused on lifestyle. Numerous scientific papers have been published on each of the topics that it covers but, at its heart, the book is about people living their lives healthily and the lessons that we can learn from them.

  • So... If you could change one factor in your physical environment (at home, your neighbourhood or the office) to help improve the health of family, friends, neighbours or colleagues... What would it be?

See Dan Buettner interviewed by Rich Roll...

Look out for the publication on Kindle or your local book store.

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