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Book Review "How Not to Age: The Scientific Approach to Getting Healthier as You Get Older" Michael Greger MD

Updated: Apr 19

book review How Not to Age Michael Greger Singapore

What? A deep dive in to longevity and the science of senescence, unveiling the latest avenues of research. The book, the latest in several "Ho not to..." focuses on nutritional and lifestyle approaches to keep aging at bay.

Who? Michael Greger MD is a best selling author and health educator, with a passion for reversing the course of chronic illness and now aging. He and his team run the popular Nutrition Facts website and its associated YouTube channel.

Why? Taking a whole food approach to health and longevity, the book is informative and helps to dispel some of the myths around an area of health that is often more hearsay than actual science.

So… Invest in this book and save yourself $100s in supplements. That you can then likely spend on longevity and aging testing!

See Dr Greger, in presentation mode...

Look out for the publication on Amazon.

Stay Healthy,


  • To understand longevity, first understand the fundamentals... the pillars of health.

  • Only then attempt immortality, say, by emulating "walking longevity experiment" Bryan Johnson (who happens to be 100% plant-based)

Book review Greger How Not to Age

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