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“Fiber Fueled" Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

Updated: Jul 21

Fiber Fueled book review Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

What? Fiber, in all its soluble and insoluble glory, has recently made a comeback. From previously being relegated as useless roughage to, now, the essential fuel for a healthy gut microbiome - providing physical and mental health benefits alike.

Who? Dr. Will Bulsiewicz is a gastroenterologist who deals with gut health on a daily basis, best selling author and in-demand speaker on this fascinating area of health.

Why? If you have an interest in gut health, prebiotics, probiotics and supporting your inner garden, this book is for you. We enjoyed the balance of practical advice and scientific insights provided by the author, including his insights into FODMAPs, IBS, poop and a 28 day plan to create a healthy gut.

So… For a clear explanation of the issues, science and practical advice for arguably the most important area of dietary health that few people come even close to properly addressing…

Look out for the publication on Amazon or see him interviewed by Rich Roll here:

From the US to Singapore, the majority of people average less than half the daily recommended intake of fibre. What can you do to increase yours?

Stay Healthy,

Felicia and Alastair


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