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Introducing Alan Aragon MSc. Health Insights for our Community in Singapore and Beyond.

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Alan Aragon Singapore

With the internet providing access to so many health experts and talking heads, we often get asked ‘who can be trusted, to watch or follow online, even to enjoy?’ The answer is not always obvious, as those in the media spotlight have their own area of expertise, biases, even their own unique style of presentation.

Whether you are part of our Singapore or global community, in this series of posts we present some of the key online health leaders whose media channels we enjoy.

Meet Alan Aragon MSc; top sports nutrition researcher and educator.

A small disclaimer, we do not necessarily endorse or agree everything that our featured personalities nor their guests might say, but we do enjoy the general direction that they take. Please talk to your doctor, or medical practitioner most familiar with your medical history, before implementing any changes in diet, exercise or lifestyle, especially if you are under treatment.

Your health and longevity starts with you! Prioritising your own self-care is the vital first step to improving your health and long-term wellbeing. Wherever you are in your journey to health, at The Whole Health Practice we work with you, to turn knowledge and intent into targeted and effective action.

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Alan Aragon / Sports Nutrition

Alan Aragon boasts over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, holding Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Nutrition with top honours. As a respected nutrition researcher educator, he provides continuing education for the Commission on Dietetic Registration and National Strength & Conditioning Association.

Alan's expertise extends to designing programs for a diverse sports clientele, including the Los Angeles Lakers, Kings and Mighty Ducks. He serves as a contributing editor for Men’s Health magazine while authoring the acclaimed book "Girth Control."

Additionally, his contributions to scientific literature include co-authoring the most-viewed article in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition and leading the ISSN Position Stand on Diets & Body Composition. See selected studies at bottom of page, often working as part of a team with Brad Schoenfeld PhD.

Alan's commitment to evidence-based information is evident in his monthly research review, which offers practical insights into nutrition, training, and supplementation, cementing his status as a pivotal figure in the fitness industry.

Alan Aragon Singapore

Aragon does not have his own YouTube channel. Enjoy this interview with Simon Hill.

Alan Aragon exercise Singapore

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