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Herb Heavy Recipes. Enjoying Flavour and Health with Herbs.

Updated: Jun 24

herbs health benefits recipes

We are in love with herb heavy recipes, enjoying their flavour and health benefits - fresh or dried - we try to add them to our kitchen creations whenever we can.

In this article we collect recipes that appear in our website, with a focus on using fresh herbs.

Enjoy Flavour, Stay Herby



Aromatic Recipes with Herb-Infused Charm

From the vibrant chimichurri of Argentina to Jamaica's fiery jerk seasoning.

chimichurri recipe health
Jamaican jerk recipe health

France's timeless Herbes de Provence, reminiscent of summer warmth and aromatic breezes to Italy's verdant salsa verde.

herbes de provence recipe health
salsa verde recipe health

Morocco's aromatic chermoula to Lebanon's herb filled tabbouleh salad.

chermoula recipe herbs health
tabbouleh recipe herbs health

And the classic Greek tzatziki from Greece, or its cousin cacik from Turkey.

recipe cacik tzatziki herbs health

Embark on a culinary voyage to India with its vibrant green chutneys and onwards to Thailand for its zesty and spicy dishes.

green chutney recipe herbs health
Thai green dipping sauce recipe health herbs
Thai Larb recipe

Cocktails and Mocktails

Sometime it is nice to relax with a drink in hand. Whether you choose an alcoholic beverage or not, these herb heavy drinks get the job done.

Basil Lemon Smash Gin
mojito recipe cocktail mocktail

We really hope that you enjoy our exploration of the world of herbs for health. Some people's taste buds are aligned with Western or Mediterranean flavours, others with Asian flavours and kampung cuisine. Taste is paramount when it comes to sustainable eating practices, for weight loss or health in general. We are always open to a conversation on food, nutrition and whole person healthy living. So please feel free to comment or ask below.

Stay Herby, Stay Healthy,



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