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Running Books. My Shortlist for Inspiration, Training, Nutrition and Getting the Most Out of Life.

Updated: Nov 2

best books for runners running

The internet and YouTube are a great resource for runners, but sometimes it's just nice to have a book to read or refer to especially when trying to understand key physiological concepts or to make plans.

Here is a selection of books that are on my revolving, reading list. Once read and digested I find that I return to them, dipping in and out, as my own training plans evolve.

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Inspiring and transformative, one man's journey in ultra running and to personal success:

Finding Ultra Rich Roll

For when you need a comprehensive training plan to get you fit for a race or distance:

Daniels' Running Formula Jack Daniels

For the middle-aged runner (or athlete) who wants to stay in peak performance:

Fast After 50 joe Friel

All that running means that you need to get your diet and nutrition right:

Plant Based Sports Nutrition Larson Ruscigno

And finally, cross training is vital. Not just for running but for life:

Functional Training Sinicki

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