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Exploring the World of Herbs for Health, Delight and Longevity

Updated: Apr 5

herbs health benefits

Join us on a journey, from garden to kitchen to around the world, in a series of articles that reveal herbs in all their glory. Whether your interest is in their taste or health benefits, we have got you covered from the windowsill and chopping board to your own health, vitality and longevity.


Harnessing the Power of Herbs for Health and Vitality

Beyond their culinary allure, herbs are brimming with polyphenols – potent antioxidants with health benefits. These bioactive compounds support our well-being and combat chronic illness from cancer to cognitive decline. From the sweet tang of basil to the invigorating zest of mint, herbs infuse our meals with not just taste but holistic nourishment.

health benefits herbs polyphenols

Growing Herbs for Health and Delight

The pleasure of nurturing seedlings into thriving plants brings a sense of accomplishment and a connection to nature, even if you live in the heart of the city. Whether you have a sprawling garden, a windowsill or a desktop, herbs can thrive with a little care, love and the occasional conversation.

grow herbs home office health

Culinary Herbs at Home

Common culinary herbs, fresh or dried, boast unique flavours, nutritional and medicinal profiles.

  • Rosemary, with its fragrant pine aroma, lends depth to roasted meats and potatoes. It's cousin thyme adds a gentle earthiness to soups and stews.

  • Parsley, the versatile herb, brightens up dishes and garnishes.

  • Tangy dill features in both the recipes of the Eastern Mediterranean and the marinades, pickles and ferments of Eastern and northern Europe.

  • Mint and Peppermint can soothe and invigorate, while basil and Thai basil favour Mediterranean and South East Asian dishes.

  • Marjoram and oregano, with their warmth, grace Italian and Greek cuisines.

  • Perilla (shiso) surprises with its vibrant, aromatic presence, lending an Asian flair. Ulam raja brings a Malaysian touch of spiciness and colour.

  • Lemon balm offers a citrusy lift, while coriander brings a touch of zest to global cuisines.

  • Tarragon's distinct anise-like flavour elevates dressings and sauces, and sage's earthy notes infuse a comforting essence.


Aromatic Recipes with Herb-Infused Charm

We explore the world through herb-infused recipes that span continents and cultures. From our own kitchen we focus on herb heavy salsas and condiments that we enjoy when we have access to bunches of fresh herbs.

From the vibrant chimichurri of Argentina to Jamaica's fiery jerk seasoning.

chimichurri recipe health

Jamaican jerk recipe health

France's timeless Herbes de Provence, reminiscent of summer warmth and aromatic breezes to Italy's verdant salsa verde.

herbes de provence recipe health

salsa verde recipe health

Morocco's aromatic chermoula to Lebanon's herb filled tabbouleh salad.

chermoula recipe herbs health

tabbouleh recipe herbs health

And the classic Greek tzatziki from Greece, or its cousin cacik from Turkey.

recipe cacik tzatziki herbs health

Embark on a culinary voyage to India with its vibrant green chutneys and onwards to Thailand for its green dipping sauces.

green chutney recipe herbs health

Thai green dipping sauce recipe health herbs

And for all the articles be sure to scroll down to the playlist at the end of each article. Gotta enjoy some herb appropriate music while we cook, right?!

Want to explore herbs further? Enjoy these websites that contain herb heavy recipes that have inspired us, and we hope can inspire you too.

herbs recipes

Preserving Fresh Herbs at Home

Do you have left-over herbs, even after enjoying the recipes above? We propose solutions and share our #1 favourite method that has saved us on many an occasion.

preserving herbs

Do Eating Practices Matter? Can you Lead a Herb Filled Life?

Yes, the health promoting power of herbs is real. Traditional eating practices, such as the Mediterranean diet (and others) can be applied to our modern, busy lifestyles but it has to be done right. For some scientific insights into the power of whole foods and the synergies to be created from healthy eating and lifestyle practices enjoy these articles:

Mediterranean diet health

blue zones book buettner

Whole Colin Campbell book

If all this content has got you covered for dietary health, sometimes we it is nice to relax with our friends and a drink in hand. Whether you choose an alcoholic beverage or not, try a mojito!

mojito recipe cocktail mocktail

We really hope that you enjoy our exploration of the world of herbs for health. We are always open to a conversation on food, nutrition and whole person healthy living. So please feel free to comment or ask below, or contact us direct.

Stay Herby, Stay Healthy,



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